Any Excuse for a Festival Will Do

I took a trip to work on the Water's Edge Townhome. As luck would have it, the Taste of Folly had been rained out the week before and instead, coincided with my visit. I was joined by my friend, Frank who is always a handy fellow with decades of experience in home projects.

This year's Taste of Folly was on a cool and cloudy day. The clouds looked more like the beach over our heads. Center Street is closed to traffic and vendors are setup on either side for people to sample local food like a slice of pizza from Woody's. On this day, there were as many dogs enjoying each other as there were people. Folly is a very dog-friendly destination. Just take in all the photos of "man's best friend" at The Lost Dog for evidence.

As things go on Folly Beach, any excuse for a festival will do whether it is this coming weekend's Folly Gras, because why should New Orleans, French Quarter have all the fun. Other festivals include Folly Palooza, the New Year's Eve Flip Flop Drop (including fireworks), and Bill Murray Look-A-Like Polar Bear Plunge just to name a few. You can find a full list of festivals happening on Folly annually here:

And when the vendors close down, the live bands pack up, the street opens back up, the party doesn't just end. It spills over to the local restaurants and bars. Frank and I finished the day enjoying a cold refreshment at Woody's.

We hope you'll plan your next visit around a festival on Folly Beach! Cheers!

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