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Paradise Found: Unveiling Our Spectacular Waterfront Oasis

Updated: Jan 23

Welcome to your next dream vacation destination! Nestled along the pristine shores of the Santa Rosa Sound, our vacation rental villa is gearing up to unveil a breathtaking haven that promises to redefine the art of relaxation and luxury. Get ready to immerse yourself in the epitome of coastal living as we introduce our latest amenities exclusive to the Seahorse Retreat – a meticulously designed inground combination hot tub / pool with new landscape that will leave you and your loved ones with memories to last a lifetime.

A Symphony of Water and Tranquility

At the heart of our coastal retreat lies a marvel of aquatic bliss – a heated spa cascading effortlessly into a sparkling pool, soon to be completed in January 2024. Picture yourself sinking into the warm embrace of the spa, feeling the gentle spill of water as you soak up the panoramic views of the Santa Rosa Sound.

Sun-Kissed Serenity

For those seeking the perfect sun-soaked haven, our tanning deck awaits. Complete with a rejuvenating bubbler, it's the ideal spot to bask in the warm glow of the sun while enjoying the cool breeze from the Sound. Lounge on our spacious travertine patio, surrounded by lush tropical landscaping, and let the worries of the world drift away.

Heated pool and spa illuminated at night.
Heated pool and spa illuminated at night.

Poolside Perfection

Designed to bring families together in the backdrop of the Santa Rosa Sound, numerous areas provide for engaging conversations between those in the spa, a sitting area next to the spa, guests in the pool, tanning on the loungers in the pool or patio deck, and even those taking respite in the covered porch. Enjoy sipping a refreshing drink, and watching the activites on the Sound as you relax in this idyllic setting. Whether you prefer a peaceful afternoon by the pool or an evening dip under the stars, our oasis is yours to enjoy.

Dining in Paradise

A separate area beckons you to savor delectable meals with loved ones. Tables and chairs offer a dining experience on the porch above and on the patio below. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, a sunset dinner, or simply unwind with a glass of wine as you take in the enchanting views.

Covered Comfort

For those seeking shade, our covered porch area provides the perfect vantage point to oversee the entire aquatic spectacle. Ideal for family gatherings and intimate conversations, this space ensures that every moment is cherished, rain or shine.

Covered porch with table and deck below system for keeping dry.
Covered porch with table and deck below system for keeping dry.

Landscape Extravaganza

Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise as you wander through our meticulously landscaped grounds. Palm trees sway in the breeze, and vibrant flowering plants add bursts of color, creating an atmosphere of pure serenity. As the sun sets, let our landscape lighting transform the area into a magical wonderland, setting the stage for unforgettable evenings.

Complimentary paddle boards and kayaks shown.
Complimentary paddle boards and kayaks shown.

Your Invitation to Paradise

Indulge in the allure of our coastal retreat – a place where luxury meets natural beauty, and every detail is crafted to elevate your vacation experience. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or a bit of both, our villa is poised to become your home away from home.

Book your stay now and embark on a journey to paradise. Your waterfront oasis awaits! Book direct and pay no booking fees.


Disclaimer: Please note that final design may differ from early 3D renderings, and photos are based on construction at the time taken as of December 2023. If you have any questions, it is recommended you reach out to us at for more details.


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