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UpSide Deck Ceiling DIY Project

The Seahorse Retreat was recently featured by ColorGuard, the manufacturer of UpSide Deck Ceiling for our DIY project.

Our main porch was only halfway covered from above, causing water to fall through the deck above and soaking the outdoor furniture. The furniture could take a day or two to dry out before being able to sit on the cushions.

You spoke, we listened.
Porch before UpSide Deck Ceiling.
Porch before UpSide Deck Ceiling.

Our guests wanted to be able to enjoy the view of the Santa Rosa Sound by sitting on the porch, even on days it is raining. Although we can't account for those days when rain is driven by wind from the water, no doubt more mornings on the porch will be enjoyed with a cup of coffee in hand.

As Property Managers and vacation homeowners, if there is a project we can take on ourselves, we'll do it. And taking pride in the work we sent photos of our finished deck ceiling to the manufacturer explaining we had an identical home next door (The Palm Breeze Beach House) where we would be duplicating the project.

Having two identical beautiful homes right on the water provided a rare opportunity for the manufacturer to take photos and video (before, during, and after) as well as interview us regarding our installation experience.


If you haven't visited the Seahorse Retreat or the Palm Breeze Beach House in the past year, we've made a large investment in capital improvements. Come back to see all of the many additions geared toward relaxing and enjoying these luxury villas.


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