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Coast Awhile Vacations is owned and operated by the Spaid's.

Tim and Elizabeth reside in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Drive for 5-1/2 hours east of Atlanta and you hit the Atlantic Ocean.  Drive for 5-1/2 hours south and you hit the Florida Emerald Coast.  We spent nearly a decade traveling the United States and abroad before starting a family.  With a young family of three boys, traveling abroad seemed more daunting of an experience, and we began to travel to destinations a little closer to home.


Our eclectic mix of talents, vision, and passion drove us toward sharing the places we love with others.

The Story Behind
Our Rental Properties...

The Navarre Story:  The Navarre property story began in a local Atlanta coffee shop owned and operated by our partner.  In our vacation home story, nothing was as challenging as building two four-story homes together (The Seahorse Retreat & The Palm Breeze Beach House) on what was once a hurricane ravaged property.  Turning it into an exclusive vacation retreat for families has been nothing short of a rewarding accomplishment.  What drew us to the property was its privacy, and it continues to be a draw for vacationers who want to escape the traffic of Destin and still be a short drive away.  Each home is large enough to accommodate one, two, or even three families.

The Cashiers / Highlands Story: In 2022 we sold the Folly Beach, SC townhome in exchange for a 10.5 acre fully renovated home on a mountain ridge in the western North Carolina mountains in an effort to simplify our lives.  That decision was made in part to have one less property in a hurricane zone and the other was the relative short drive from the northern suburbs of Atlanta. This mountain property is allowing us the freedom to connect our guests with tremendous opportunities to connect with a tremendously bio-diverse part of the country.  As a result, we have focused a lot of our attention to the outdoor spaces around the home, including hot tub and patio, firepit, game lawn, kid's den and hiking trails.

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