All is Well in Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach, SC was spared the worst of Hurricane Matthew. The direction of the wind in relation to the shoreline, wind speed, distance of eye of hurricane from shore, and timing of high tide all worked in Folly's favor. Center Street was never flooded, which was much anticipated by the meteorologists camped outside Tides Hotel. Our vacation home at Water's Edge similarly was unscathed.

The hardy residents of Folly Beach began immediately cleaning up debris, helping neighbors, and making the most of turning a rare event into a festivity of sorts. If you like sunrises, the morning after Hurricane Matthew's passing was pretty spectacular. The driving of sand onto the shore provided a great opportunity for shell seekers. For this shark-tooth hunter, I'm a little saddened to be missing out on a terrific opportunity for snatching from the beach a real treasure. And read a related post about civil war cannon balls that washed on shore.

Bert's Market, a beloved local establishment, is open despite no power on the island. They're busy grilling burgers, hot dogs, and ensuring residents are still able to obtain what they need, including hot coffee. Just be sure to bring cash until the power is back, which should be very soon.

It is hard to describe what makes Folly, Folly, but the unique qualities of this public island, so close to Charleston, come through even when faced with potential calamity.

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