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Hurricane Isaias Images from Folly Beach

Fortunately for Folly Beach, Hurricane Isaias remained a ways off the east coast and didn't cause severe damage. Here are some dramatic photos as the storm passed through on its way up to North Carolina.

Low flying clouds looked like train with smoke stacks puffing out of smoke clouds. As Hurricane Isaias storms northward, a sunset left behind a rainbow over the Folly Beach fishing pier. Photos taken from our master bedroom deck showed the intensity of the sunlight appearing on the marsh against the stormy skies of Hurricane Isaias. Winds whipped up the Folly River at high tide as storm clouds moved northward toward North Carolina. The surf was high enough to buffet the sand dunes, which caused some erosion, but could have been far worse. The view of storm clouds over Charleston left a backdrop for the sun to illuminate the marsh at Water's Edge.

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