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Magnolia Plantation & Gardens: Camellia Walk & Lights of Magnolia

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

While you’re scraping the ice from your car windows or pushing a snow plow, at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens in Charleston, SC, guests are literally smelling the flowers.

Wait... What???

That's right! Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, the oldest gardens in the United States, is hosting free Camellia walks from mid-November through March.

Magnolia is the last large-scale Romantic Gardens left in the United States. Romantic Gardens have their roots (no pun intended) in the Industrial Revolution. Known as an “extravagant liar," meaning, these gardens were intended to make the factory worker forget about their working conditions and normality of everyday life. The gardens are designed to allow your emotions to take precedent over reason.

Typical factory conditions during the industrial revolution.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens is truly a remarkable place with 20,000 Camellias and countless azaleas that bloom in the spring - all a real treat to the senses for those needing a winter break.


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As if you need any other reason to visit Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, from now until March 15th, Wednesdays through Sundays, you can check out the Lights of Magnolia. The gardens are transformed at night into an illuminated fairy land.

Get a load of these lights! In partnership with Zigong Lantern Group in China, you can stroll through a fairy land of 11 acres with 23 striking lantern displays.

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