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Mountain View Hot Tub

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

When we purchased High Ridge Haven, we disputed whether it was even possible to have a hot tub and be able to maintain it where we are located. Challenge accepted! It is true that it was aspirational to order a hot tub when we purchased High Ridge Haven in July of 2022 given there was no place to put it. The Hot Tub Store in Waynesville, NC, where we purchased the hot tub was kind enough to store it for us. Meanwhile, we got to work.

Hot Tub Selection: Not having owned a hot tub before, choosing one was made easy by simply listening to Kelly at The Hot Tub Store who has many years of expertise placing hot tubs in vacation homes. In short, the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle applies to the world of hot tubs. This is particularly true with a vacation rental home where you want the use of amenities to be simple to enjoy.

What we liked about the Viking Regal we selected was the uncomplicated spa controls and the Soft-Touch slip resistant surface. The Regal includes 31 jets, which is plenty to soothe aching muscles, including two seats having hydromassage jets with neck pillows. LED lights and cascading water features also help to complete the ultimate in atmosphere for relaxation.

With two main seats facing Whiteside Mountain and two more facing Little Terrapin Mountain, every seat of this hot tub enjoys fantastic views.

Hot Tub Maintenance: The challenge was won when we managed to obtain regular service by Adam Goode of Absolute Pool & Spas. Adam uses an ingenious solution that ionizes and treats the water as chemicals are needed on an on-going basis. Less harsh chemicals are used that give the hot tub that strong chlorine smell, instead the result is clean water that leaves your skin feeling silky.

Before: Future site of patio with hot tub.

Patio Construction: It is hard to fully appreciate taming the landscape on a mountain ridge with ravines and fast sloping edges. But before we could take delivery, we had to build a pad that fit into the overall landscape design plan. The spa was designed to sit partially below the patio but still be high enough the patio to allow easy in and out access. We began with grading work by Noah Rogers of Rogers Land Services who used heavy equipment and surveying to carve into the hillside to create a level patio and to dig out the location of the hot tub pad.

New stairs from bedrooms down to the patio.

The bedrooms have sliders to a lower deck. However, this deck had no access on or off this level. We engaged Dennis Owens Home Construction to build a set of stairs down to the patio while matching the existing deck design. We added LED lights to illuminate the way to the hot tub.

Additional stone steps and landscape lighting creates a bridge to the fire pit for conversation between larger groups.

View of Whiteside Mountain at sunset.

Although construction won't be final until we finish creating field stone walls and laying the final flagstone patio, it is not stopping guests from being able to fully enjoy the hot tub and its tremendous views.

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