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Introducing High Ridge Haven

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

High Ridge Haven vacation rental home welcome sign.

We will soon be opening up the rental calendar on this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home, and there is no better time to introduce our previous and prospective guests with our newest vacation property, High Ridge Haven. We chose this as a property name given it is off High Ridge Road, perched on a ridge at 3100 ft elevation and where "haven" is an appropriate synonym for a safe place.

It is almost hard to imagine that a property with the kind of panoramic views as seen from this home was available for sale, but it was. Maybe it was the luck of timing or maybe it is related to the expression where others, "can't see the forest through the trees."

View of Whiteside Mountain from High Ridge Haven.

Although just four miles from the epicenter of Cashiers, NC, the home is situated on 10.5 acres and has an "off the grid" feel. And this is where the expression is so appropriate. The challenge for people to feel connected and not feel isolated poses many obstacles. Being hemmed in by the forest and even access to the home pose their own challenges. But we were up to that challenge.

John Heath and his crew at Tornado Tree Trimming were the first contractors on site. They have been instrumental in overcoming some key hurdles. They have widened the drive to the home, trimmed branches overhanging the home and took the panoramic views to extraordinary levels.

Where Whiteside Mountain is particularly dramatic, the property on a ridge has views of Blackstone Mountain (left of Whiteside Mountain) and Little Terrapin Mountain (see below), which is on the opposite side of the home. From every window and every bedroom of the home is an amazing view of mountains.

View of Little Terrapin Mountain from the dining room.
Looking out bedroom window at Whiteside Mountain.
View of Whiteside Mountain from one of the bedrooms.

To Plug or Unplug: It's up to you. While many guests would prefer to be "unplugged," we have established Internet. However, the level of access is not the same in the mountains as it is in a major city. We are using satellite Internet service. But here as I sit, I'm writing a blog, conducted a video conference call, text my wife, and streamed a news channel on TV.

Mark II binoculars installed to the deck for observation.

Projects: We are really in the thick of many projects, whether inside or outside.

Some projects are geared around beautification, some related to safety such as stairway and pathway lighting, and some are to add amenities such as a binoculars for taking in the views or bird watching.

Attractions: Cashiers and Highlands, NC are considered destinations. There's not a major interstate for over an hour away. People have been coming here since the turn of the century primarily to get away from the heat. We average nearly 15 degrees cooler than our home in Atlanta, for example. Although we have central air conditioning, for us, allowing the air to circulate through screen doors has been more than adequate.

Nearby, we have enjoyed eating at Cornucopia for lunch, the Ugly Dog Pub and Whiteside Brewery for outside dining and entertainment. And if you want to dine in, there is a nearby Ingles grocery store to stock up the refrigerator.

For the active, there are too many falls and hiking trails to mention, as well as excellent fly fishing, gem stone mining, horseback riding, and kayaking or boating on nearby Lake Glenville. We have only begun to explore our new surroundings and will report on them:

Sliding Rock: You may occasionally hear laughter in the distance from the home. It's because we are less than a mile from nature's very own water park, Sliding Rock. Tripadvisor has given Sliding Rock its 2022 Traveler's Choice rating.

Whiteside Mountain Trail: We took this two-mile trek that meanders across the top of Whiteside Mountain at 4900 ft elevation. This outcrop is nearly 400 million years old and provides terrific views looking back over High Ridge Haven. The trail does allow dogs. The trail is moderately strenuous.

Note: Use the provided binoculars to view the trail identified by the railing at the top of the mountain.

Gorges State Park - Rainbow Falls: There are different trails that can be taken, but we happened to take the longer four-mile trail. The hike was moderate owed to some lengthy elevation change. However, the terrain of the trail is quite accessible. Rainbow Falls is just one of many hiking trails at Gorges State Park. The location is on the Sapphire side about eight miles away.

We look forward to providing a premier and unique destination for your next visit to Cashiers / Highlands, NC.

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