Dock Work 2.0 for Rental Season

We pondered this winter what can we do to improve the dock and make more of an amenity for vacationers. For a while now the boat slips have been in disrepair and unusable. Last year, after a bad storm the dock at the end had to be rebuilt and new stairs added. And then there was a dip in the dock, although not a problem, it was clear to the eye it wasn't level. We embarked on a two-part project to perform dock maintenance and include some new dock amenities.

The good folks from LD & L Marine Contractors have come on site to put into action our vision for the dock. Braving the chilly water and looming rain storm, they've brought their expertise and equipment to perform the needed work.

To level the dock, they jet water down into the pilings and use their shoulders and a level to adjust the dock and make right again. The sand naturally floods the void and cements the pilings in place. Other maintenance tasks they are performing is to lag screw header boards to make more secure, and removal of the non-working boat slip apparatus.

Then the fun part begins by adding new dock features:

Swim Ladder: The dock is quite long and to make it easier for swimmers to get in and out of the water, we are adding a ladder to the end of the dock.

Sun Shade: The pad at the end is 16' x 12'. Vacationers like to fish and sit at the end of the dock as well. We are adding a sun shade to cover the end of the dock. It will provide some UV protection. How long it will stay before getting ripped apart by a bad storm is anyone's guest, but we thought we would give it a try.

Boat Slip: Some of our renters have boats and we have considered how we can accommodate them. Two additional pilings are being added to allow a boat to come into the dock end and be tied off on four corners. Large piling/boat protectors are being added to the six pilings and boat cleats for tying onto the pilings. Boaters will be able to enter and exit the boat onto the dock.

Dock Lighting: Lighting was added last year. Lighting is both an amenity and a safety feature. There are solar dock lights that run the length of the dock. At the end is a solar flood light with motion sensor.

We hope you'll enjoy using the dock all the more on your next vacation to the Seahorse Retreat or Palm Breeze Beach House.

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